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About Me

Hi my name is Patsy!

I am a Birth & Postpartum Doula and I’ve been in the awesome world of childcare for over 30 years working as a Professional Nanny, Teacher, Day Care Owner and as a mother to three amazing children, who are now adults.

As a Birth and Postpartum Doula who wishes to partner with you mothers in owning your birthing journey as you prepare to bring new life into the world, I’m committed in offering nonjudgmental, unbiased emotional, physical and informational support to the families I serves, helping you to become confident in your new role as parents, whether through guided meditation, relaxation techniques, or to simply occupy space so that you know, you’re not doing this alone.

My warm and easy presence has helped me to have a special relationship with children and families as a whole from my professional years working as a nanny, and as your Doula, I’m looking forward to deepening my practices working alongside you, bringing my lifetime of expertise directly to your doorsteps.



Some more about me...

I am a

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Baby's Grasp

Getting Started:
What to Expect


Home Visits

You can expect compassion, care, and experience at every at-home visit. 

Breastfeeding Support

As part of your Postpartum Care with me, you will receive breastfeeding support, and much more in-depth support that all new moms need. 

Birth Doula

I am training as a birth doula, and a postpartum doula.  You can have my full support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and at home once baby is born. 



"Patsy was my doula while I carried my twin boys. She was very COMPASSIONATE, GENUINE, and
When I decide to carry again, I won't let anyone else be
my doula, only Patsy!"

D., Brookyn, NY

why a doula?

It’s not a coincidence that you are reading this today. You might be on a journey or on a search for answers or maybe just need someone who understands.

Take a deep breath and  please read until the end. 

My journey into being a mom was filled with varying emotions and experiences and yet each and every one has prepared me for where I am now. My children bring such joy and clarity to my life as I see them all as such unique individuals. 

I was 18 years old when I had my first child, and as much as I had the love and support of my sisters who were also present at my daughter's birth, I felt very alone. The Doctors and nurses were all talking about me and not to me, which made me feel very isolated. I never saw lactation consultant and I was told about "baby blues" (postpartum depression). I gave up after six weeks of trying to breastfeed because I didn’t feel capable.

I had two miscarriages at 13 weeks, one ectopic pregnancy, and a still-born at 20 weeks. Going through a miscarriage is very lonely and extremely traumatizing.  You are forced to try to understand your body keeps rejecting the life being created within you.  I was told by the nurse  on both occasions “ don’t worry you’re young you can try again” which is not what I wanted to hear at that point in time.  I remember being depressed and disappointed with myself, I struggled to look at any pregnant woman I saw as it caused me such deep sorrow. 

 My ectopic pregnancy left me with one fallopian tube, so my chances of getting pregnant were even more slim, but I did!  However, at 20 weeks I went into premature labor and delivered in the bathroom of my home and I cradled my lifeless child until the EMS arrived.

My daughter was wrapped in a sheet and placed on my chest as we traveled to the hospital.  I remember feeling her warmth and instinctively started cuddling her like she was just asleep, her lack of movement jolted me back to reality that in itself was extremely traumatizing.

I felt like I was in the twilight zone because this could not be happening to me again; losing another and still not understanding why.

I gave up on the idea of having any more children as it was taking a toll on me mentally, physically, and spiritually.  

Then I got pregnant with my son, yet I was fearful from the very beginning because I did not want to lose another child. This time I had a much more informative OB/GYN who figured out that I needed a cerclage. At the time of his birth, I remember having a doctor who was not my regular physician and he was very detached and  uncaring, and would not even allow me to stay on all fours on the floor which was the most comfortable position for me.

He told me that my naked body was unsettling and that he preferred for me to be laying down on the bed with a gown on. This hindered me from having to birth experience I wanted as I was afraid to speak up for myself. 

With my third and final child I, once again, ended up with a doctor (at the time of my labor) who was very uncaring and did not understand that I wanted to get up and walk through my contractions (I was having silent contractions) and basically I was told that I couldn’t do that and he needed to deliver this baby because he was due to go off shift in a few hours.  


I felt like I was coerced into being induced.


I ended up delivering my daughter on the gurney on the way to the delivery room as they did not expect her to come so quickly. The doctor later did apologize but the mental trauma was already done.


I share my story to say that the experience of having my children, the experience of  my losses and learning to be strong and resilient through all of that has created the me that is here, now.  And I KNOW I am here to help women on their maternal journey. 

​Through this process I discovered that I come from a lineage of birth workers. My Great-Great Grandmother was a local midwife back on the island of Grenada who delivered many of my relatives. She handed down that gift to her niece who, in turn, delivered all my siblings.

I feel truly honored and blessed to be following in their footsteps. They will forever guide me and hold me up as I take on this journey with much love and compassion.


My role as a doula is to be an advocate, to be someone that can give you the emotional support that you need. I am here to help ease your fears and concerns and be the support that you need on your journey.

You are loved, and you’ve got this.


And I’ve got YOU… YOU are in charge of your body and should be able to give birth in whatever way – and position - you desire. 

Thank you for reading this in its entirety, I hope you have gotten a chance to learn more about me and why this path that I have chosen is important and special to me. 

​Please feel free to reach out to me with any thoughts, or questions.

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